Program Schedule

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Program Recordings

All the presentation & demo recordings have been updated, along with the backup copies (6/24). Due to the technical issues, most recordings on Monday and T1 session have been uploaded in two separate videos (Camera & Screen). Thank you for your patience and understanding!


<Day1: Monday, 6/13>

M1: Paradigm Shifts

M2: Optimization

  • Renjewski, Daniel                                Flat feet and two peaks – how leg geometry shapes gait dynamics of human walking
  • Cone, Stephanie                                    Structure-Function Ties in the Achilles Tendon: Necessarily Complex or Overly Redundant?
  • Usherwood, Jim                                   Legs as linkages; muscles as tension struts. The mammalian hindlimb as a series of Watt’s 6-bar linkages
  • Kamska, Viktoriia                                Functional soft tissue motion in the lumbosacral organ of birds
  • Polet, Delyle                                            Using Forelimb Muscles as Serial Spokes to Reduce Work and Power

M3: Robustness and Balance

  • Griffin, Robert                                       Robust Push Recovery Through Capture Region Heuristics
  • Wirth, Trenton                                      Terrain complexity and the relationship between gaze and foot placement
  • Bartloff, Jenny                                       Leg muscle coordination for human postural control
  • Torres, Daniel                                       Standing Balance Controller for Biped with Gaussian Process-based Learning for Model errors, Noise, and Disturbances
  • Gao, Yuan                                              Exponential Stabilization of Periodic LIP Walking on a Horizontally Moving Surface
  • Iqbal, Amir                                           Analytical Approximate Solution to Mathieu’s Equation Enables Real-Time Motion
                •      Planning for Legged Robot Walking on a Vertically Moving Surface
  • Ambike, Satyajit                                 Passive anterior-posterior body motion is exploited to improve either walking balance or walking efficiency based on environmental risk

M4: Robot Design1

  • Badri-Spröwitz,
    Alexander                                                 Leg clutching inspired by birds

  • Kiss, Bernadett                                      The separate roles of the ankle plantar flexors in ankle push-off during human walking – A bipedal robot study
  • Lin, Jianping                                           Task-Invariant Control of Backdrivable Knee Exoskeletons for Partial Assistance
  • Mo, An                                                       SELDA: Series Elastic Diaphragm Actuator
  • Pieper, Riley                                           Hoop Motors for Novel Exoskeleton Architecture
  • Molinaro, Dean                                     Joint Moment-Informed Exoskeleton Control
                    • Screen (Zoom)
                    • No sound recorded due to AV team’s mistake. We apologize!
  • Riethmüller, Robin                             Generalizing Series Elastic Actuation

<Day2: Tuesday, 6/14>

T1: Optimization-Human Devices

T2: Learning approaches to Control

T3: Robustness Robotics

T4: Robot Design 2

T5: Methodology


<Day3: Wednesday, 6/14>

W1: Methodology for human experiments

  • Malcolm, Philippe                              Optimizing wearable robots based on human experiments rather than biomimicry
  • Bywater, Emily                                    Investigations into Increasing Vertical Jumping Abilities with Bilateral Ankle Exoskeletons
  • Kantharaju, Prakyath                       Human in the loop optimization for squatting
  • Li, Kejun                                                Natural Multicontact Walking for Robotic Assistive Devices Via Musculoskeletal Models and Hybrid Zero Dynamics
  • Slaughter, Paul                                    An Instrumented Clutch Design for Quasi-Passive Exos
  • Echeveste, Salvador                          A Hip Emulating Research Orthotic to Reduce Swinging Leg Muscle Activity Using Custom Torque Profiles

W2: Perspectives


W3: Optimization

  • Acosta, Brian                                          **Private)  Augmenting Reduced Order Models with Reinforcement Learning


W4: Perspectives – Robustness and Stability



<Day4: Thursday, 6/14>

R1: Perspective

R2: Robot Design 3

R3: Optimization 3

R4: Methodology for human experiments

R6: Open Mic Fun and Conclusion





<Demo Videos>

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