What have you done to accommodate accessibility in the social events?
The walks/hikes in Madison (some will be leisurely) will be mostly wheelchair accessible as a big section of each is on flat and paved ground. The yard games and beach activities will involve low physical activity options and activities for those who may be physically disabled. We have two minivans available to shuttle people to locations without walking, as need be.

Are there handicap-accessible activities at Devil’s Lake?
There are 1.5 miles of trail that are accessible for people with disabilities, though some of this is not the smoothest. This webpage describes a bit about the trails at Devil’s Lake: https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/parks/devilslake/recreation/hiking

They also have adaptive equipment available such as specialized kayaks.

The adaptive kayaks are equipped with adjustable outriggers which provide incredible stability on the water and a raised back with side supports, offering the user a comfortable and secure seat while paddling. A paddle with hand adaptations is also provided which offers assistance to individuals with limited grip. All elements can be adjusted or removed to accommodate the user’s level of function.

What kind of accessibility considerations are available at Monona Terrace for those with mobility impairments?
Accessible parking, power-assisted doors at entrances, free wheelchairs available, elevators between floors. All spaces in the convention center are set up for wheelchair accessibility. There multiple wheelchair accessible bathrooms and water fountains throughout the building.

Are there any considerations for those with visual or hearing impairments at Monona Terrace?
They have Braille and large print signs through the building, and assistive listening devices are available.

Can I bring my service animal to Monona Terrace?
ADA guidelines are followed at Monona Terrace to allow for permitted service animals.

Are there any other resources for accessibility at Monona Terrace?
Many further details can be found in the building accessibility guide at: https://www.mononaterrace.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/accessibility_guide_2018.pdf


Do I need to bring my own snacks to Devil’s Lake or the Madison activities on Monday?
No, snacks and drinks will be available in the central area for conference members (yard game area for Madison activities and beach area for Devil’s Lake). There are concession stands at the Devil’s Lake open 10-6 pm.

Conference attire

What is the expected dress attire for attending and presenting at the conference?
Dynamic Walking is quite relaxed! You’ll see lots of shorts, tee shirts, golf shirts, jeans, sandals, and so on, even on presenters. Some may dress one or two clicks up, even approaching business casual, but anything fancy would feel out of place. Certainly, Monday and Wednesday will be quite casual, as there’s a huge gap in the day to go have outdoor fun in the warm weather – people will come prepared to jump in a lake!

COVID-19 Protocols

Are masks required at the conference venue?
Masks are not mandated in indoor settings, therefore are optional at Dynamic Walking 2022. We will respect and ask all attendees to be respectful of other attendee’s personal mask decision. We will provide hand sanitizers and masks throughout Dynamic Walking 2022

Do I need to show that I am fully vaccinated?
Attendees are not required to present proof of vaccination prior to arrival at Dynamic Walking 2022

Do I need to show a negative COVID test?
Attendees are not required to present a negative COVID-19 test prior to arrival at Dynamic Walking 2022

What should I do if I am experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID?
If you are experiencing symptoms and/or have been exposed to COVID-19, contact an organizer for test options.

Where can I find further resources and information about COVID-19 policies for the conference venue?
See covid-19 | Monona Terrace for the COVID-19 policy of the host venue